August 28, 2019
Medicare Plan G Review

Medicare Plan G Review

Looking for an honest review of Medicare Supplement Plan G? Here’s what you need to know.

Medicare has standardized Medicare Supplements, meaning that every Plan G (no matter which company you purchase from) has the same benefits.

This is great news, because once you understand Plan G, you know that every company that offers a Plan G is offering the same exact coverage.

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Is Medicare Plan G Popular?

Plan G is a Medicare Supplement, which means it fills in the coverage gaps of Medicare. That’s why it’s also called a Medigap plan. (Medicare Supplement and Medigap are the same thing.)

The honest trust is that Plan G is the most popular Medicare Supplement we sell. Existing clients love the coverage and the price, and new clients are coming in just to request it. It’s very well-loved among the Medicare-eligible community!

Insurance Companies Love Plan G

More Medicare Supplement companies are offering it, and that trend is rising every year. For example, in 2013, 50% of insurers offered a Plan G. Just three years later, that increased to 57% (AHIP).

While Plan G is becoming more popular with insurance companies, it is also becoming more popular with policyholders.

Consumers Love Plan G

While only 6% of enrollees had a Plan G in 2013, that rose to 10% in 2016. That is the most recent report available to us, but we can confidently say that this number has surely risen – and it has likely risen substantially!

As of 2016, over 1.25 million Americans have a Medicare Supplement Plan G. What’s even more interesting is that Plan G is one of the only Medigap plans to continuously rise in popularity each year.

While these numbers and percentages represent Medigap enrollment nationwide, 76.6% of Senior Allies clients have a Plan G. It’s extremely popular!

We Love Plan G!

Here at Senior Allies, we give Plan G 5 stars! It offers excellent coverage for a very reasonable premium.

Plan F Is Phasing Out

Because Plan F will no longer be available for newly eligible Medicare enrollees as of January 1, 2020, Plan G is becoming even more popular.

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We expect enrollment percentages to skyrocket as it becomes the plan of choice for millions and millions of Medicare-eligible individuals.

Does Plan G Pay Claims Without Any Issues?

There’s nothing worse than having a medical service done and then having to fight with your insurance company to get it covered.

The good news is that this will hardly ever happen with a Medicare Supplement, including Plan G.

Medicare has outlined what it will and won’t pay for, and according to the regulations, a Medicare Supplement must follow those same guidelines.

In other words, if Medicare will cover it, so will your Medicare Supplement. If Medicare won’t cover it, neither will your Medicare Supplement.

What Does Medicare Cover?

It’s very easy to find out what’s covered by Medicare. Just download the “What’s Covered” app from Medicare, and search for your item or service for coverage details.

If you do end up having an issue with an unpaid claim (again, very rare!), our Senior Allies team will go to war for you. That’s one of the major perks of purchasing your Medicare Supplement from us!

What Makes Plan G Different From Other Plans?

Each Medicare Supplement picks up the coverage gaps of Medicare a little differently. With a Plan G, you have full coverage after the Medicare Part B deductible. Good news – that deductible is only $203 in 2021.

All other coverage gaps left behind by Medicare are paid by Plan G.

Should I Buy Plan G From the Company or From Senior Allies?

When shopping for a Plan G, you might be wondering who you should purchase the plan from.

The main reason you should purchase from Senior Allies versus the insurance company is service! Large insurance companies have massive call centers, which means you’ll likely be dealing with a complex robotic system when calling in. There’s nothing more annoying than pressing 1, 5, 9, 2, and then realizing you’re not where you need to be.

When you call Senior Allies and voice any questions or complaints, we’ll deal with the insurance companies for you. Easy as pie!

In addition, you’re at a disadvantage price-wise when buying directly from the insurance company.

They will not show you options from other companies, of course, because they want you to buy their plan. However, we know that all Plan G plans have the same benefits, so it’s to your advantage to do some price shopping!

At Senior Allies, we let you know which company is offering the best price, and we also take other factors into consideration, such as rate increase histories.

You should know that the price a company is offering is the same exact price we offer – you do not pay more for purchasing from us.

In addition to service and price comparisons, our Senior Allies team also offers claims support, annual checkups, and help with any other Medicare or retirement planning needs you may have.

We are more than your Medicare experts – we can help you with everything from life insurance to rolling over your 401(k).

Give us a call at 833-801-7999 to talk to one of our live agents today!

How Much Does Medicare Plan G Cost?

The cost of a Plan G (or any Medigap plan for that matter) varies quite a bit from person to person.

Your age, gender, zip code, and tobacco status are all factors that play into the final monthly premium. In addition, prices vary from company to company, so when you request a quote from us, we’ll find the most competitive prices for you.

You can request a quote online, or you can give us a call at 833-801-7999. We’d love to help you!

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