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Blog: Inspiring Seniors

Over the course of the last 12 weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a total of 29 individuals over the age of 60. This is what I learned.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like teaching women the art of peacemaking in one of the most violent prisons in the world? What about creating 3 college courses in your 80s? Wonder no more – hear these incredible stories from guests Douglas Noll and William Klemm.

“Our relationship, since we’ve retired, has really grown. We’ve become best friends, really,” Eddie says.

When many people her age would either be slowing down or retiring, Nancy Friedman, age 72, is flying all over the country. At age 74, Cynthia MacGregor, a freelancer writer and editor, is often referred to as “the Energizer bunny” by her colleagues and friends. Here are their stories.

After the age of 70, many are happily retired. However, for Jim Owen, age 77, and Randall Medd, age 70, their work is far too fun. Retirement? Forget about it. In today’s feature, meet Jim Owen, author of Just Move! and Randall Medd, a fox hunting enthusiast.