August 7, 2023
Who Accepts Medicare for Eyeglasses?

Who Accepts Medicare for Eyeglasses?

Are you in need of a new pair of eyeglasses? If you're on Medicare, you might be wondering who accepts Medicare coverage, and more importantly, how much you might have to pay for new glasses.

Here's everything you need to know about Medicare and eyeglasses coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Eyeglasses?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover eyeglasses except for one exception: one pair after a cataract surgery that implants an intraocular lens.

Except for that one exception, you will need to pay for eyeglasses out of pocket, even if you have a Medicare Supplement.

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Who Accepts Medicare for Eyeglasses?

If you do qualify for that pair of eyeglasses, you must buy them from a Medicare-enrolled supplier.

You can find out who accepts Medicare for that pair of eyeglasses by using this search tool on the Medicare website.

To use it, type in your zip code and in the equipment box, type in "Eyeglasses."

After clicking "Search," you'll see a list of vision centers near you that will accept Medicare Part B for your eyeglasses.

How Much Does Medicare Cover for Eyeglasses?

If you qualify for that pair of eyeglasses after cataract surgery, Medicare Part B will chip in to pay for them.

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Medicare Part B has a deductible as well as 20% coinsurance.

If you have a Medicare Supplement, you'll only be responsible for meeting the deductible; the coinsurance is covered by your supplemental policy.

Other Ways to Get Eyeglass Coverage with Medicare

There are two ways to get eyeglass coverage if you're eligible for Medicare:

  • Choose a private Medicare Advantage plan instead of Original Medicare: most Medicare Advantage plans these days come with vision benefits, though the exact benefit amount for glasses will vary from plan to plan.
  • Purchase a Dental, Vision, Hearing insurance policy: many credible companies offer DVH insurance since Medicare does not cover any of these. These policies typically offer an eyeglass allowance, though the exact amount will vary depending on which plan you choose.

If you're interested in either of these options, please reach out to our team of licensed agents. We can look up the available plans in your zip code and walk you through the included benefits.

Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.


While Medicare doesn't cover eyeglasses for most people, you could look into Medicare Advantage or a Dental, Vision, Hearing insurance policy. Both of these options typically have an eyeglass allowance to help you pay for a new pair of glasses.

If you need help understanding your plan or looking into different plan options, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment directly on our calendar here. We look forward to making Medicare simple!

Luke Hockaday
Luke Hockaday
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