August 22, 2018
When Does the Medicare Deductible Reset?

When Does the Medicare Deductible Reset?

Your Medicare deductible resets on January 1 of each year. The Medicare deductible is based on each calendar year, meaning that it lasts from January 1-December 31, and then it resets for the new year.

If you’re signing up for Medicare for the first time, and your coverage starts sometime during the middle or later-part of the year, your deductible will still reset on January 1.

This year, the Medicare Part A deductible is $1,408, and the Medicare Part B deductible is $198.

So, if you’re on Medicare, you would need to meet these deductibles before Medicare starts covering your medical bills.

There is a way to avoid paying Medicare deductibles, which is to have a Medicare Supplement – also called a Medigap plan.

There are 11 total Medicare Supplement plans, and each one varies in terms of price and benefits.

The 3 most popular plans are Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N, because they provide the most coverage.

You can read more about Medicare Supplement Plans F, G, and N here.

However, many of the Medicare Supplement plans help pay for your Medicare deductibles.

Medigap Benefits
Medigap Plans
A B C D F* G K L M N
Part A deductible No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 75% 50% Yes
Part B deductible No No Yes No Yes No No No No No

If you’re on a Medicare Advantage plan, your deductible will vary depending on where you live and which plan you’re enrolled in. Your agent will be able to confirm your plan’s benefits.

Alternatively, our team can research your options to see if there’s a plan with better benefits and a lower deductible.

In sum, Medicare’s deductibles reset on January 1 of each year. Do you have any other questions? Start a chat with us using the chat tool here on our website.


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