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May 15, 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Funeral and End-of-Life Wishes [Download Included]

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Funeral and End-of-Life Wishes [Download Included]

Does your family know what songs to play during your funeral? Do they know what outfit you should wear when you’re buried – if you even want to be buried? Do they know what you want to be remembered for?

All of these questions can easily be answered by filling out an End-of-Life Funeral Planner – and we’ve created one for you!

So, what goes inside a funeral planner? In this comprehensive End-of-Life Funeral Planner, we’ve include 12 main categories:

  1. Personal “about me” information
  2. Logins and passwords
  3. Advisor contact information
  4. Banking information
  5. Investment details
  6. Credit card and loan details
  7. Real estate and other asset information
  8. Life insurance details
  9. Location of important documents
  10. Very specific funeral arrangement information
  11. Final wishes

“About Me” Information

Your family will need help with the death certificate as well as the obituary. Even though the funeral director will help with this, it can be useful to have some basic information about you at hand.

Here, you’ll include basic information, such as name and address, work details, marital status, parent information, military records, and education.

Logins and Passwords

You might not have thought about this, but your loved ones will want to be able to access your social media accounts. Be sure to include login and password details for any social accounts you might have.

Advisor Information

Just in case, it can be useful for your family to have contact information (name and phone number at minimum) for the following advisors:

  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Financial advisor
  • Insurance agent
  • Physician
  • Employer benefits

Finances and Insurance Coverage

Nothing is worse than dealing with a bank – when you don’t know any of the account information, or maybe even which bank to deal with!

Be sure to include all of your checking and savings account information, including the account number and the bank itself.

You’ll also want to make note of any investments, your credit cards, and loans.

Also note all of your real estate as well as any other assets you have.

Finally, be sure to include information about life insurance policies you might have. Include the policy number and your insurance agent’s contact information at the very least.

Location of Important Documents

There are certain documents you might not have thought about, but don’t worry – they’re all accounted for in our downloadable End-of-Life Funeral Planner.

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Let your family know where they can find things like your social security card, stocks and bonds, tax documents, your birth certificate, bank records, property deeds, and more.

Funeral Arrangements

There’s more to planning a funeral than meets the eye – you want your family to have a guide to work from to avoid family arguments or worse – indecision.

This section of the Funeral Planner will cover things like whether you want to be buried, cremated, or donated to science, what types of services you’d prefer, where you’d like the funeral or memorial to be held, what you’d like to be buried in, what type of casket you’d like, and more.

You can also include who’d like to serve as pallbearers, who should deliver eulogies, who should say prayers or read scriptures, what scriptures should be read, and what music should be played.

Finally, you have the opportunity to include names and contact information for any clubs, organizations, or individuals that you’d like to be at your funeral that your family may not know.

Your Final Wishes

Last but not least, you want your funeral planner to shed some light on your life. This is your chance to have the last word, and your family with cherish this for generations to come.

We’ve given some prompts, but feel free to write about whatever is important to you.

You can write about:

  • What you’d like to be remembered for
  • Your career
  • Your hobbies
  • Where you’ve traveled
  • Your favorite places
  • Your greatest accomplishments
  • Your fondest memories

Planning your funeral doesn’t have to be a burden. Simply download and print the End-of-Life Funeral Planner to give you and your family some peace of mind.


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