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August 30, 2021
How Medicare Supplements Work with Original Medicare

How Medicare Supplements Work with Original Medicare

Symbiosis is the term for when two things, usually creatures, use their differences to benefit each other. Symbiotic relationships occur all the time in nature. It also occurs in Medicare. We call them Medicare Supplement plans.

Medicare Supplements are exactly what they sound like: supplements to your Medicare coverage. In this article, we will explore what that means, what they do, and why you may want to enroll in a supplement plan.

What does Original Medicare cover?

Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B.

Part A is your hospital coverage, and Part B is your medical coverage. A full list of what Medicare Part A and Part B covers can be found on the Medicare website.

Original Medicare helps cover a lot of medically necessary items and services, including hospitalizations, doctor visits, and preventative screenings and exams. However, there are still out-of-pocket costs you'll be responsible for, including deductibles and coinsurance. That’s where Medicare Supplements come into play.

What is a Medicare Supplement plan?

Medicare Supplement insurance is sold by private insurance companies (that’s what most of Integrity does) and, as name implies, fills coverage gaps (also covers deductibles, coinsurance, and copays).  

All plans have the same names no matter what state you’re in. Most states’ plans are the same, but Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin are different, so be sure to reach out to us for your plan options. A comparison chart of what each plan covers can be found here.

Does a Medicare Supplement take the place of Medicare?

It does not take the place of Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans are exactly what they sound like: supplemental coverage that fills any gaps in your Medicare coverage.

This should not be confused with Medicare Advantage plans. They do take the place of Medicare. If you want to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans, check out this blog post.  

Is a Medicare Supplement considered secondary insurance?

Medicare Supplements are secondary – they pay after Original Medicare. They are supplemental insurance. It works alongside Medicare to fill gaps in your Original Medicare coverage. That is why Medicare Supplement plans are also sometimes called Medigap plans.  

Will my Medicare Supplement pay secondary if my primary denies coverage?

Medicare Supplements work with Original Medicare, so if Medicare doesn’t cover something, your supplement can’t either.

If you have questions about what can be covered, reach out to an insurance representative. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Do Medicare Supplement plans work with Original Medicare plans?  

Yes. They work together symbiotically.  

When can I enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan?

There are a few key dates for Medicare enrollment. Fortunately, we’ve written a few posts in the past to help clear this up. We recommend this blog post, which offers more information on Supplement enrollment dates.  

Do I need supplemental insurance with Medicare?  

You don’t need it – it is a choice. But we recommend every client to get a supplemental plan. You don’t want to be stuck with the 20% Part B coinsurance and out-of-pocket expenses associated with Part A. One expensive claim could cost you thousands, even with Original Medicare coverage!

Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement can work symbiotically to ensure you get the best coverage possible. You deserve the best coverage possible. We are here to help you get it.  

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Luke Hockaday
Luke Hockaday
Luke Hockaday is a Customer Success Rep here at Senior Allies. Luke has been helping Medicare-eligible clients with their insurance and retirement-planning needs since 2011. Luke is passionate about 3 things, and 3 things only: senior insurance, football, and food!

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