June 27, 2018
6 Reasons to Work With a Senior Allies Insurance Agent Instead of Buying Direct from the Carrier

6 Reasons to Work With a Senior Allies Insurance Agent Instead of Buying Direct from the Carrier

When you get ready to turn 65, your mailbox will be full of ads, especially for Medicare Supplements. All of the insurance companies are fighting for your business, and it can be quite overwhelming.

We often find that seniors will respond to a company’s mailer and sign up for a Medicare Supplement before ever talking with an insurance agent.

Because of this, they miss out on all the benefits of having an agent. If you’ve ever wondered why working with a Medicare Supplement insurance agent beats buying directly from the carrier, we have 6 fantastic reasons.

1. You pay the same price

You don’t actually get a price cut if you buy a Medicare Supplement directly from the insurance company. This is a common misconception.

In the scenario above, a consumer will get a sign-up form in the mail from a popular company like Blue Cross Blue Shield. They will fill out the form and send it back with a check before ever talking to an agent.

The problem here is that working with an agent gives you access to that same Medicare Supplement at the same price (and loads of other benefits that we’ll get to).

That means that you’ve paid the same price for your Medicare Supplement without getting all the added benefits of an agent!

2. Access to the market (you can save money)

These days, a lot of us like shopping on Amazon. You have lots of options from many different companies, and who can forget about that free, 2-day shipping?!

Let’s say you need to buy a 50” television. If you go to Amazon, you get 112 results from 32 different companies. You get to compare everything from reviews to picture quality to price.

Now imagine someone telling you that you could only buy a television from LG. You now only have 4 options.

This is exactly what happens when you buy directly from the insurance company instead of working with an agent.

When you work with an agent, you get access to all the Medicare Supplement companies in your state – you get to do some price shopping!

But if you buy directly from the insurance carrier… you only get 1 option.

Since all Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by the government, the only difference between companies is their price, so why give up the chance to save some money?

6 Reasons to Work With a Medicare Allies Insurance Agent

3. Switch plans when you need to

If you choose a Medicare Supplement plan, and you get a rate increase, an agent can help you by going back to the market and looking at alternative companies. You might be able to switch companies without changing any of your current benefits – that means you get to keep the coverage for less.

Working with an agent ensures you’ll never overpay for your insurance.

If you bought directly from the insurance company, they wouldn’t offer this service. After all – they want to keep your business, but why should you pay more for the exact same thing another company can offer?

4. Save time

A lot of us turn to the internet when we need to research something. The problem is that it would probably take you 100 years to read just a fraction of the Medicare information out there.

Medicare is complex – there’s a lot of insurance jargon and fine print. And if you’re trying to learn all of this on your own… well, it’s like teaching yourself a college course with no agenda.

This is often a surprise to those who are new to Medicare, but an agent can make all of this much easier by explaining how Medicare works simply.

What will you do with all that extra time?

Save time by working with an insurance agent

5. Everyone’s situation is unique

Do you plan on retiring at 65, 70, or never? Do you have health insurance through your spouse? Are you disabled? Do you work for the railroad? Are you financially challenged?

Everyone’s situation is unique – when you try to get answers from Google, you might find it difficult to get accurate information that’s tailored to your needs.

That’s why working with a Medicare Supplement insurance agent is so wonderful. It’s our job to know how to handle everyone’s insurance dilemmas. And it can be a great feeling to know that there’s someone here who researches, studies, and stays up-to-date – so you don’t have to.

So, if you missed your Medicare sign-up window, you’re not retired yet, and you can’t find out what the heck you’re supposed to do (gasp!) – give us a call.

We’ve seen it all, and if we haven’t, you can rest assured that we’ll find the answers for you.

6. Work with a human

There’s just something about working with a human – not dialing numbers into a robotic telephone system or starting an online chat with “Jenna” the robotic customer support rep.

Many of our agents at Senior Allies have developed lasting friendships with their clients. They love calling every once in awhile just to check in on the grandkids or that big vacation to Europe – when you work with us, you’ll find that we enjoy what we do beyond just talking about insurance.

Our clients often look forward to their annual reviews and see it as a time to not only check up on their insurance but to catch up!

Our agents truly love what they do, and a huge part of that is the relationships they make with clients like yourself.

What are you waiting for? No matter your situation – not aging into Medicare yet, already on Medicare, or something else – we can always review your circumstance to see if we can help you.

Reach out to us by either calling our office at 833-801-7999 or by filling out our short contact form.

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