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Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA)

Are you Medicare eligible? Gain more control over your healthcare with a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA). An MSA is a $0 premium health plan combined with high-deductible health coverage and a special medical savings account.

Money is deposited into your account, and you decide what healthcare services to spend it on. There are no provider networks, and once you reach your plan deductible, 100% of your Medicare-covered expenses are paid for. It’s Medicare, well spent.

Medicare MSA Plans

What Is An MSA?

When you turn 65, it’ll be time to decide what your Medicare healthcare plan will be. Have you ever considered a Medicare MSA?

The MSA is a hot buzzword right now, because it’s a very compelling alternative to Original Medicare coverage. An MSA, or a Medical Savings Account, combines high-deductible health coverage with a special savings account that’s funded annually.

We've been recommending Medicare plans to our clients for over 30 years now, and we can confidently say that this is one of the most consumer-friendly options in the Medicare space. In fact, we have agents with us that have been selling insurance for decades, and they’ve said, “This is the product I’m going to choose when I turn 65.” That’s really saying something!

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Why Choose An MSA?

As we get closer to aging into Medicare, it’s important to understand your healthcare options. With an MSA, you don’t have to worry about small provider networks or high monthly premiums.

With an MSA, you have choices. See your favorite doctors and even use your special deposit, funded by the government, on qualified medical expenses that Medicare won’t cover, like eyeglasses and dental work.

2021 Plan Information

  • $2,000 or $3,000 Deposit
  • $5,000 or $8,000 Deductible
  • $3,000 or $5,000 Member Responsibility

Ultimately, the deposit that comes with an MSA plan is yours to spend, move to your own bank, and/or invest.

*You are also responsible for paying your monthly Part B premium and 100% of any non-Medicare covered Qualified Medical Expenses (QMEs), via either your MSA bank account funds or out-of-pocket, before and after you reach the plan deductible. Also, deposit and deductible amounts shown above are full calendar-year amounts, based on a January 1 effective date. If you enroll for a partial calendar year, the deposit and deductible amounts will be prorated based on the month your coverage becomes effective with Lasso Healthcare MSA.

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