Medicare Cost Worksheet

Estimate Your Monthly Medicare-Related Insurance Premiums

Are you feeling in the dark about your potential Medicare costs? There’s a lot to consider, from the costs of Medicare Parts A and B to Medigap premiums to your Part D drug plan. Find out exactly how much Medicare will cost you per month with the interactive Medicare Cost Worksheet.

Medicare Cost Worksheet

Simply open up the PDF and type in the subtotals. The worksheet will automatically calculate what your monthly costs will be. If you try it and feel a little lost, contact one of our experienced agents to figure all of the costs for you.

The Medicare Cost Worksheet will help you:

  • Find out how much Medicare will cost you
  • Discover the monthly premium for your Medigap plan
  • Fill in Part D drug plan quotes from 3 potential carriers
  • Go from no budget to a clear Medicare budget
  • Become prepared and financially stable during retirement