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Elmer Woody
Elmer Woody
July 1, 2024

With over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Elmer Woody found his calling by specializing in Medicare. His journey began by assisting his mother with Medicare coverage, where he encountered the convoluted nature of the system. Witnessing countless individuals struggle with understanding Medicare, he recognized a pressing need for clarity and guidance.

Motivated by a genuine desire to alleviate confusion, Elmer transitioned into becoming a full-time Medicare insurance agent. His approach wasn't solely focused on sales but rather on empowering individuals with tailored solutions. He firmly believed that one size does not fit all when it comes to Medicare, advocating for personalized attention based on each client's unique circumstances.

Throughout his career, the most rewarding aspect has been witnessing the transformation in his clients' lives. Guiding them through the maze of options and ensuring they found the right plan brought Elmer immense satisfaction. One particular success story stands out—a client who hesitantly selected a plan based on friends’ recommendations, but after getting guidance from Elmer, they actually found a plan that saved them money and provided better coverage tailored to their needs.

Reflecting on his career, Elmer is humbled by the positive impact he's had on his clients' lives. Knowing he's helped alleviate confusion, provided financial relief, and empowered clients to make informed decisions fills him with pride.

As he embarks on a new chapter, Elmer doesn't view it as retirement but rather as a transition. While he'll no longer be actively servicing clients, he remains committed to their well-being. Entrusting the care of his clients to a trusted company like Senior Allies ensures they'll continue to receive the attention and support they deserve. He'll still be a phone call away, ready to offer guidance and support whenever needed.

To his clients, he wants them to know that this transition is not a step back but a step forward. With access to a dedicated team, clients will receive even more personalized attention and support. Their well-being remains a top priority, and he's confident that this transition will only enhance the level of care they receive.

What happens now?

From this point forward, Senior Allies will take over the servicing of Elmer Woody’s customers. Here’s what his customers can expect from our dedicated service team:

  • Annual policy review
  • Education-first approach
  • Rate shopping to help you save on your premiums
  • Navigating underwriting to find the most compatible plans for your health status and budget
  • Making sense of the dozens of Part D prescription drug plan options
  • Staying up-to-date on Medicare rules and regulations so you don’t have to
  • Available to help you whenever you need it the most

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Luke made it very easy to understand and took whatever time was needed to help us.
M.P., Customer

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