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Donna Curwin
Donna Curwin
March 12, 2024

After 16 enjoyable years in the Medicare insurance business, Donna Curwin has made the tough decision to retire and merge her agency with Senior Allies.

Donna’s journey into the insurance world wasn’t a conventional one. Following a successful career in commercial real estate accounting spanning two decades, Donna found herself at a crossroads during the onset of the recession. Downsized from her role, she went looking for her next opportunity. She found herself working part-time for a retired insurance broker who needed assistance with his books. It was here that Donna’s path took a turn as the broker suggested she explore insurance sales.

Transitioning into her role as a Medicare agent, Donna discovered the profound impact her work could have on individuals' lives. The most rewarding aspect of her career became evident as she realized the transformative power of her efforts. Whether it was assisting someone in securing essential medications through programs like Extra Help or restoring a sense of dignity through access to dental care, Donna found fulfillment in making a tangible difference in the lives of her clients.

One memorable encounter involved a client living in public housing who was faced with the daunting prospect of affording crucial medications. She was even contemplating moving in with her daughter, but Donna stepped in to navigate the complexities of social support programs. Guiding her client through the application process for Extra Help with Social Security, Donna witnessed firsthand the impact her assistance had on the client’s happiness and well-being.

Reflecting on her journey, Donna takes pride in her commitment to transparency and integrity in her work. With a diverse portfolio of carriers at her disposal, she ensured that her clients always received the best possible options tailored to their needs.

As Donna embraces a new chapter in her life, she remains confident that her clients will continue to receive exceptional care and service with Senior Allies. Her immediate plans are to hone her gardening skills, stuff vegetables in mason jars, and hang out in her greenhouse. 

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