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Dilland Gallant
Dilland Gallant
May 9, 2023

Dilland Gallant, a trusted name in the Medicare insurance industry with nearly a decade of experience, is retiring and merging his agency with the Medicare Allies team. We are a senior market brokerage that specializes in Medicare and retirement planning.

Rest assured that this transition will have no impact on your current Medicare, drug plan, or life insurance policies. As our valued customer, you are not required to take any action or make any changes to your existing insurance policies.

We are committed to providing you with the same level of exceptional service and care that you have come to expect from Dilland. Our team looks forward to serving your Medicare insurance needs and continues to work with your best interest in mind.

About Dilland Gallant: Dilland Gallant is a retiring insurance agent turned preacher based in Henderson, KY. Dilland currently assists the senior pastor at Finley Baptist Church and hopes to start his own church in the fall, one that caters to the needs of the outcasts and homeless population. Dilland and his wife have a dream of starting a small community where those who are homeless and struggle with addiction can get the help they need. Dilland's passion for helping the low-income population led him to focus his entire insurance career on the Medicaid bracket. His business, which he sold for the purpose of jumpstarting his dream, proved to be a significant help towards achieving his goal. Dilland's aim is to give people who are looked down upon and are trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction a second chance at a good life. He hopes to start helping the community around Thanksgiving of 2023 and plans to raise more money to make his vision a reality.

What happens now?

Moving forward, Medicare Allies will be providing services to Dilland Gallant's customers. Our dedicated service team is committed to delivering the following:

  • Conducting an annual policy review with you
  • Utilizing an education-first approach to ensure you are informed and empowered
  • Shopping rates for all of our clients to find coverage with better value and the potential to save hundreds or even thousands on premiums
  • Helping you navigate underwriting and find an insurance company that will accept you despite ongoing medical issues
  • Simplifying the often-confusing Part D prescription drug plan landscape by choosing a compatible one based on your medications and pharmacy of choice
  • Staying up-to-date on Medicare rules and regulations so that we can provide reliable and accurate advice
  • Providing personalized support that you can rely on whenever you need it

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Very helpful in securing a new supplemental Medicare for me for less money premium. Always welling to answer my questions. Thanks
P.L., Customer

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