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Bill & Amy Betts
Bill & Amy Betts
June 28, 2024

Bill and Amy began their careers in the insurance industry 11 years ago after returning to the U.S. from a seven-year circumnavigation on their 38-foot sailboat. Their global journey involved only one return trip to the U.S. for a brief three-month visit.

Entering the insurance field with the expectation of flexibility and financial freedom, they discovered a genuine passion for helping people. Over the past 11 years, they have assisted thousands of clients, many of whom attribute significant improvements in their lives to Bill and Amy’s dedicated service. Their long-running radio program, "MedicareMade Easy," emphasizes their commitment to simplifying Medicare by making it understandable and accessible.

A testament to their dedication is the story of a long-time client who faced an insurance cancellation while hospitalized. Amy personally intervened, ensuring that the client was retroactively reinstated to his original Medicare plan, thereby securing the necessary coverage for his medical needs. This level of personalized care underscores their trustworthiness and the strong relationships they have built with their clients.

Bill and Amy pride themselves on educating their clients about Medicare, ensuring they understand the intricacies of their plans. This approach helps clients feel confident in their healthcare decisions.

While their sailboat remains moored in the canal, Bill andAmy are uncertain about undertaking another extensive ocean voyage. However, they are eager to share their sailing adventures through engaging presentations and slideshows for interested groups.

What happens now?

From this point forward, Senior Allies will take over the servicing of Bill and Amy Betts’ customers. Here’s what their customers can expect from our dedicated service team:

  • Annual policy review
  • Education-first approach
  • Rate shopping to help you save on your premiums
  • Navigating underwriting to find the most compatible plans for your health status and budget
  • Making sense of the dozens of Part D prescription drug plan options
  • Staying up-to-date on Medicare rules and regulations so you don’t have to
  • Available to help you whenever you need it the most

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